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Roger Atkison

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Roger Atkison was brutally murdered alongside his mistress, Rose Burkert,  in an Iowa hotel room in 1980. Investigators examining the bloody crime scene determined that the pair was most likely killed with a hatchet. Police suspected that the murders were a crime of passion or jealousy committed by someone who knew the couple was having an affair. In an eerie twist, the couple was only able to get a room there after a last second cancellation as the hotel was booked to capacity because of a mortician's convention being held there. Despite her husband's infidelity, Roger's widow has searched for almost 40 years to figure out who killed him. She discusses that journey to get answers, and well as being a suspect herself before police ruled her out. If you have information or tips about this case, please contact the Iowa County, IA Sheriff's DepartmentVisit the sponsor for this episode, For Hers to take advantage of the offer mentioned in this episode.To support this podcast with a one time or on-going donation, please visit the podcast's Patreon or Paypal PageTo learn more about the cases discussed on this podcast, or about the podcast itself, visit The Murder in My Family homepage Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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