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WHEN MANIFESTATION MEETS MINDFULNESS! HOW TO STRESS LESS & ACCOMPLISH MORE! Emily Fletcher: Emily Fletcher on Manifestation, Meditation & Mindfulness to Feel Better & Accomplish More! + Guided Ziva Meditation

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If you’ve ever wondered how to find more peace, while getting more done, then do we have the Stress Less, Accomplish More show for you! Today I’ll be talking with Emily Fletcher, meditation teacher, founder of Ziva Meditation, and the author of a chock-full meditation-filled book, Stress Less, Accomplish more. And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about how to use meditation for greater peace and extraordinary performance. Stress Less and Accomplish More Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:  What happened when Emily was performing in A Chorus Line in New York City? Why was she struggling so much? What happened after she attended her first meditation class? What did she begin doing after returning from India? What does she tell people when they say they can’t meditate? What’s the confusion with people’s understanding of meditation? What are the 3 M’s of meditation? What style of meditation should people begin with? What is Lazy Man’s Meditation? What’s the 4th state of consciousness? What’s the meditation shame spiral? What does the corpus callosum have to do with meditation? How does meditation help with stress? What’s the “Z” technique for meditation? When do we want to meditate? What’s the real meaning of “mindfulness”? What’s the simplest mantra we can use? What are the meditation bends, and why don’t we want to use an alarm clock? How do we use meditation for manifestation? What’s the importance of practicing gratitude? Why do we want to make our meditation non-negotiable? What are the top 3 tips to stress less and accomplish more??? To Find Out More Visit: For more info, free meditations, weekly tips, stories and similar shows visit:  

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