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The Power of Positive Thinking + Meditation! Mitch Horowitz| Law of Attraction | Napoleon Hill | Career | Self-Help | Inspire: Mitch Horowitz Shares the Power of Positive Thinking & Law of Attraction from Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Earnest Holmes, Norman Peale, Neville Goddard, Earl Nightingale + Meditation! Health | Career | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help | Inspire

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If you’ve ever heard, read, or watched a movie about Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction, then do we have a special show for you. Today I’ll be talking with Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award Winning Historian, and the author of Occult America, and the vice-president, executive editor, and director of backlist and reissues at TarcherPerigree. He is also the author of a fascinating new book on Positive Thinking “ One Simple Idea. Today we’ll talk about what Positive Thinking, New Thought, and the Law of Attraction really is, where it came from, how it came about, what’s real about it, and what isn’t, and how we can all use it to transform our lives. That plus we’ll talk about hardware stores and milk, heart shaped pink buckets, and how we can transcend our cake and eat it too. Questions and Topics Include: What book Elvis’s hair stylist gave him? How Elvis read books by Earnest Holmes, Madame HP Lebatsky, Manley P. Hall Gave him a copy got a copy of the Impersonal Life from Joseph Benner What do we do if we’re stuck in a 9 to 5 job? What’s a great book to discover your purpose? Why you want to read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich Bill Wilson and Bob Smith, co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and Ebby Thatcher How do you help someone to find their one thing and light the fire underneath them How to get the subconscious working for at night or at any time through the day. Why we don’t want to blame ourselves for negative events…and why we don’t want to interpret Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret in this way. What you want to do if someone (or you) is sick. What is a D-Day approach to healing (including, but not limited to the spiritual and meditative side of things) What do we need to know about Wallace D. Wattles author of The Science of Getting Rich What can we learn about Ralph Waldo Emerson and the New Thought movement What is the definition of New Thought (Positivity and New Age and metaphysics movement) What it means that thoughts are causative – that thoughts become things Where did the Law of Attraction come from and when did it first come about? What Andrew Jackson Davis has to do with the Law of Attraction Who were the first new thought writers to talk about ‘what you think about you bring about Prentice Mulford and his book Your Forces and How to See Them. (also used by Christian D. Larsen) What is Hermeticism? (From Alexandria and Egypt in the time after Christ) What Greeks have to do with the positivity movement? Why ESP research has been hijacked, when there’s good literature and proper science behind it. JB Rine who had an ESP lab at Duke for several decades and did several hundred thousand trials What ESP has to do with positivity Why New Thought was originally focused around healing and then why it shifted in this country What can we learn from Earnest Holmes? Why Neville Goddard is Mitch’s personal favorite. What can we learn from Norman Vincent Peale? Who was American’s evangelizer of the positive What did Ronald Reagan have to do with positivity and positive thinking metaphysics How Reagan made positive thinking metaphysics mainstream Americanism. Who gave birth to the whole field and business of audiobooks today. What can we learn from Earl Nightingale and The Strangest Secret Where the Dr. Demartini statement ‘What we think about and thank about we bring about’ (Law of Attraction!) How do we transcend our cake and eat it too? How important is the meaning behind each word we chose to use. What’s wrong with the term ‘enlightenment’? How Mitch just wrote the article “Is there a right way to affirm” for Science and Mind Magazine Is there a best way to think and to pray? What’s it mean in New Thought or positivity to ‘think from the end’ What are pink heart-shaped buckets? What did Rod Sterling of the Twilight Zone give us? What can William James tell us? What are some of Mitch’s most powerful personal practices? What’s the importance of expressing gratitude? What strange habit Michael and Mitch share on journalin

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