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BONUS SUPER-SPECIAL GUIDED RELAXATION MEDITATION! (5 MIN) Patrick McKeown | Inspiration | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help: The Perfect Meditation to Help You Rewire Your Mind for Greater Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Focus, Concentration & Even Better Sleep! From world breath-training expert Patrick McKeown! Inspiration | Spirituality | Mindfulness | Health | Self-Help

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Today you’re in for a special treat! I just finished an interview I’ll have up in two weeks, but I was so excited by what our guest shared, that like a kid in a candy store I wanted to get you this exercise right away!. So today we have a very relaxing, and powerful breathing exercise and meditation brought to you by our upcoming guest Patrick McKeown, a world expert on the Buteyko breathing method and author of seven books on the breath including the brand new Oxygen Advantage.
You often hear me talking about breathing in and out through the nose. There are many powerful reasons for that, one in particular is to help the mind go quiet, and rewire.
This exercise in particular will help you do just that. By practicing this exercise, you’ll literally making changes to your brain that will help you throughout the day, and any time you experience stress. This exercise will help you cultivate greater concentration, focus, patience, and relaxation, even under heavy stress. With practice it can even help you sleep better.
---Perfect Too for ADHD or a Hyper-Active Mind!!!--- 
It’s very powerful, which is why I practice it quite often, and I always stress breathing in and out through the nose.
Patrick will first discuss some of the benefits of this breathing method, then lead you in a very informal breathing meditation.
My recommendation is to listen through fully the first time, then go back to where the music begins and dive straight into the meditation, tuning out his words as you go along.
This is an exercise you can do any time of the day to immediately reduce your stress and quiet the mind. You can do this at work, at your computer, on break, at the dinner table, in bed, on a train, or almost anywhere you can think of. However, as a powerful breathing exercise that can dramatically quiet the mind, I do not recommend it while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.
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We’ll have Patrick McKeown’s full interview up in about two weeks. To check our more interviews or meditations, visit our Inspire Nation Show, or
I send love, I send light. And many, many blessings your way.
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