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[INSPIRE 54] ROBERT MOSS - SYNCHRONICITIES – THEY’RE MEANING, IMPORTANCE & WHAT YOU SHOULD DO! Spirituality | Self-Help: How to Recognize Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity in Your Life & Why They’re Important to You. Plus How to Lucid Dream or Become Awake While You’re Dreaming! Robert Moss Author Sidewalk Oracles | Jung | Coincidence | Spirituality | Mindfulness | Self-He

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Have you ever had a dream so real that it didn’t feel like a dream at all? Ever stranger still, did anything in that dream later come true? Or have you ever had a coincidence or multiple coincidences occur to you, maybe back to back, that left you with goosebumps, thinking to yourself how in the world is that possible?
If so, do we have a show for you!
Today we’ll be speaking with Robert Moss, a world-renowned expert in the field of Active Dreaming. He’s a former professor, a shaman, and an expert when it comes to signs and symbols, or the study of the “coincidences” we see in the world around us. And he’s the best-selling author of well over a dozen books including the recently released Sidewalk Oracles.
Today I want to dive into the “magic” and understand what dreams really have to offer, what active dreaming, and in a sense, how our awake world, is still a world of dreams. I think we’ve all experienced strange coincidences, and certainly deja-vu moments, I want to find out what they really mean, if they’re just coincidences, or if there’s a lot more here than meets the eye…and if so, how we can use these synchronicities to live a more magical and meaningful existence.
Topics Include:

How to know you live in a magical world

If you have magic inside of you then you live in a magical world
If we’re open then things we speak to us
We live in a speaking land - Aborigines

Take 10-15 minutes every day and be available

For 15 minutes receive what the world around you is trying to tell you

Listen to what people are seeing
Look at what a child is drawing

How do we live by synchronicity?

Prepare to have your “plans” “screwed up”

Best things happen when plans come un-stuck
Trickster energy – Coyote, Fox, Universe

Transition and movement is when it all multiplies
What is the meaning of trickster energy and how does it work?

Works at the luminal places – at the border places
Be ready to change when things aren’t working out.

Developing your personal definition of things
Develop your own personal omens

What follows from a certain thing?
What is the pattern of the day?

Learning to read and recognize your own signs
There is a deeper meaning at play

Test, Check, Verify, and Notice What Follows

Ask for guidance it will appear
“Walk on the bridge don’t build on it”

Don’t take this life too seriously

We live in a “mind field” where all of our energies are inter-twining
Lucid dreaming – What it is and what it means
Lucid Dreaming vs. Active Dreaming
How to become a Lucid Dreamer

If more mindful in daytime reality, are likely to be more mindful in your dreams.
To become a lucid dreamer, work on becoming more lucid during the day.
How to lucid dream or go into a lucid dream while falling asleep “right from take-off”
The power of drumming to shift human consciousness

Active Dreaming Techniques
Why linear thinkers still wake up to the dream world
The world around us is talking to us constantly in signs and symbols

Consider looking at the world as a dream report

Playing sidewalk tarot

Go for walk and look for first three things you notice from beyond yourself and the world around you.
Look at them and make a story of them
Develop a certain sense of poetic consciousness and poetic health.

Jung – synchronicity and coincidence

Not just that things are happening at the same moment, but clustering, and dreams come into it. Notice patterns and track them.

Bibliomancy – open book to a page and it has meaning for you.
Playing with Shelf Elves
What are kledons and why they’re important to us

Listen for your daily kledon

Repeating #’s
Law of attraction – check your inner sidetrack

Gratitude is “practical magic”

The gift of the everyday oracle – spoken by a stranger

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