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091 Leveling up your Money & Investing with Erin Lowry: 091 Leveling up your Money & Investing with Erin Lowry

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Investing can seem complicated but Erin Lowry is breaking it down into terms we can all understand. Her new book, Broke Millennial Takes On Investing, is a beginners guide to investing and will help you level up your money.  Here's what we discuss in this episode: Erin’s background & how she became the Broke Millennial and an overview of her book The most common “excuses” or limiting beliefs on why people don’t invest The importance of compound interest, inflation & time & why you should start sooner than later Investing in a 401K, Roth IRA & other investing options aside from your employer Goal setting, time horizon, risk tolerance and asset allocation Paying off your student loans vs credit card debt vs investing for retirement What the wealthy are doing in regards to investing The benefits & advantages of robo advisors vs human advisors vs investing on your own Email with proof of purchase of the book & get the free 30 day investing action plan!  Last Chance to join the Journeyer Launch Club before the doors close for a bit on April 4th. Check out the Launch Club here. Other related blog posts/links mentioned in this episode: Get your chance to win a copy of Erin's book here. Get Erin Lowry's Book Here Attend Erin's Upcoming Book Tour  Check out  Join The Weekly Newsletter List Leave me a voicemail– Leave me a question on the Journey To Launch voicemail and have it answered on the podcast! Watch me on News12  Watch my latest segments on News12 YNAB –  Start managing your money and budgeting so that you can reach your financial dreams. Sign up for a free 2 month trial of YNAB, my go-to budgeting app by using my referral link. Connect with Erin: Website Instagram: @BrokeMillennialBlog Twitter: @BrokeMillennial Facebook: BrokeMillennial Connect with me: Instagram: @journeytolaunch Twitter: @JourneyToLaunch Facebook: Journey To Launch Join the private Facebook Group Become a member of the Journeyer Launch Club

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