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061: How to Force Appreciation

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In the last 20 years REIT’s paid out an average of 8.7% while the S&P paid 5%. I assure you there are better ways to invest. Real estate always comes back over time, it always provides cash flow, it’s real—it’s not a stock or pieces of paper. And it’s definitely not crypto currency. Here is how you can force appreciation in any market, anytime:

1. Improve the Inside—spend money to improve the interiors of units.
2. Improve the Outside —spend money to improve the exteriors of the complex.
3. Debt—Redo the loan and get your money back.

The more you invest in improving the place, the higher you can raise the rent and change the tenants. This will literally force appreciation. If you have a machine that produces income, you need to figure out how to make that machine produce more income and you’ll appreciation.

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