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the MOST POWERFUL Financial Tool For Legacy Building | #225: Do you want to build a legacy, and not just a portfolio?  If so, there’s one financial tool that is CHEAP (under $10), easy to use, and will have a bigger impact on FUTURE GENERATIONS than anything else you’ve ever done.  And odds are,...

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Do you want to build a legacy, and not just a portfolio?  If so, there’s one financial tool that is CHEAP (under $10), easy to use, and will have a bigger impact on FUTURE GENERATIONS than anything else you’ve ever done.  And odds are, you’ve never even heard of it.  I’m Bryan Ellis.  I’ll tell you what it is and how to use it RIGHT NOW in Episode #225. ---- Hello, SDI Nation!  Welcome to the show of record for savvy self-directed investors like you, where each day you how to find, understand and profit from exceptional investments… and turn those investments into a wonderful legacy for generations to come! What a GREAT DAY to be alive, folks!  I’m so honored you’re spending some time with me right now, so let’s get right to it.  But a quick note to you, and I really hope you folks will take this seriously. Have you ever been in a situation where you were just a bit short of capital for an investment, or for your business, or anything else?  If so, I want you to check out my friends Ari and Mike at Fund & Grow. They are astoundingly good at acquiring zero interest credit of fifty to $250,000 that you can use at your discretion!  I really vouch for what they can do… it’s really amazing, and I’ve seen it work over and over with my own clients, many of whom are your fellow listeners!  To see how & why it works, just check out the short video we’ve posted at  You’ll be very glad you did. My friends, I know that many of you, like me, think in terms not only of building for your own retirement and other financial wellbeing, but also of building financial assets that will benefit future generations.  And you know, that’s a WISE thing to do.  In fact, right there in the middle of the greatest book of wisdom ever written, the Biblical book of Proverbs, is a verse that says that one thing that wise people do is to leave an inheritance for their children’s children… their grandchildren!  That means that wise people operate with an eye on making an enduring impact on at least 3 distinct generations:  Their own, their children’s generation, and their grandchildren’s generation. If you agree with that thinking, as I do… then ask yourself:  How would it impact your decisions today, if your time frame was not merely from now until retirement, or now until the end of your life… but at least now until the end of your GRANDCHILDREN’S lives?  Wow… that’s a huge, humbling and EXCITING thought, really… because time well used is the best friend of the wise investor. Now look, I’m no expert in Hebrew, the original language of that verse in Proverbs, but in the English translation of it I’m reading, there’s no indication that the inheritance that a wise person leaves to their children’s children is or should be limited to a FINANCIAL inheritance. What other kind of inheritance is there, you might wonder?  Well I’m glad you asked, my friends!  Hehehe What’s easily more valuable than any money you could leave is the benefit of your EXPERIENCE.  Don’t just leave money or assets… leave an awareness of what those assets are… why you chose them… what alternatives you considered and rejected… what factors about that asset gave you PAUSE, even though you opted to acquire it… what standards you adopted to know how long you should hold the asset… what kind of tax or legal structuring you used for the asset… what you planned to do with the cash flow generated by the asset… how the asset compares to other investments you’ve made in the past. There’s GOLD in that kind of information, my friends… PURE GOLD. Imagine if your parents or grandparents had passed on to you a journal… or many journals… that logged their thoughts about the kinds of decisions they made with their money?  There would be SO MUCH TO LEARN… even if your forebears were NOT financially successful… still, how valuable would it be to see the formation of the decisions that led them where they ended up?  Because it was THOSE decisions that affected YOU… and those decisions rever

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