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Oct. 3, 2008 Alan Watt on "Time Out" with Kevin Gallagher and John McGowan (Originally Aired Oct. 3, 2008 on Cable TV Channel 23 - Bethel, Connecticut, USA)

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(Audio of Cable TV Broadcast.)
Economic Warfare Strategy, World Agenda - October, Revolutions - Booty, Pirates - Integration of Americas, Terrorism - American Debt, Slavery - Money, Coinage, Goldsmiths, Banks.
Money Managers - Knights Templars - Rothschild Family, Bank of England - Gould, Morgan, Looting Pensions - Financial Laws, Loopholes - Crash of British Treasury.
Borrowed Billions - Depression, World War II - "Failed" Institutions - Bertrand Russell, Credit Issue by Government - New Order, Totalitarian Regime.
Enemy of Nationalism - Standardization - Living in THEIR System - Ignorant Unconscious Public - Depopulation.
Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations - Published Plans, Meetings - Political Drama - British-American "Values".
Predictive Programming, Tavistock, Programmed Ideas - Space Exploration, NASA, Science - Nasi, Nascent Moon.
Coming Plagues - Sterilization - Re-engineering Viruses, "Fast Breeders".
Bank Bailouts, Panic, Media Action - New Economic Order, Globalization.

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