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Nov. 25, 2007 HOUR 1: Alan Watt on "World Review Commentary" with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield Brown

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April 27, 1961 John Fitzgerald Kennedy speech: "The President and the Press".
Organized Conspiracy - Media, Military - "Democracy" - Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute for International Affairs.
Kennedy Family, JFK not "Toeing the Line" - Karl Marx "Das Kapital" - United Nations, League of Nations, Controlled Society.
Psychopathy in Monied System - Psychopathic Personality - Federal Reserve System - Mandell House, Sir Earl Grey.
"Champion of Camelot" - JFK Assassination, Orders from Top - Mafia, Underworld, Giuseppe Mazzini, Freemasonry - Rhodes Scholars.
Dealey Plaza, Courthouse, Pyramid, Trident - "Killing of the King" ritual - Saturnalia - Occult.
(Book: "The Anglo-American Establishment" by Prof. Carroll Quigley.)

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