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07: How blogging helps my interior design business with Lisa Dreissig: Designer, Blogger, Entrepreneur Lisa Dreissig

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Today’s guest is the fantastic Lisa Dreissig! Lisa went to school at The Fashion Institute of Technology. She then worked for several startups and then moved onto an architecture firm. Working with these firms helped her immensely with the starting of her own business. But before she started her own business she created a blog that she started in 2007 when she was laid off from her job. It turns out that this blog has really opened the horizon to be a great way to have people get to know her and find potential clients. Lisa shares with us today how her blog has helped her business and why it’s a good idea for others to start a blog as well.
Lisa shares with us in the broadcast:

Her inspiration for her blog
Platform she uses for her blog
How to get through writer’s block
Make a personal connection
If someone doesn’t like what you post, then don’t work with them
Her advice for starting a new blog
Her biggest struggle with her blog
Recommendations of other blogs to read

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