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#100: Cirrhosis: Initial Evaluation and Management: Doctors Matthew Watto, Stuart Brigham, and Paul Williams: Internal Medicine Podcast for Primary Care, Family Medicine

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Cirrhosis. Finally. Take your liver game to the next level with tips from @liverprof, Scott Matherly MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University. Topics include: exam findings in cirrhosis, interpreting liver function tests, incidental cirrhosis on imaging, fatty liver disease, steatohepatitis, hep c, shear wave elastography, screening for varices and hepatocellular carcinoma, pathophysiology, and lifestyle measures for initial management. This episode is sponsored for CME-MOC credit by the American College of Physicians. ACP members can claim free credit at (goes live at 9am on release date). Full show notes available at Join our mailing list and receive a PDF copy of our show notes every Monday. Rate us on iTunes, recommend a guest or topic and give feedback at Credits: Written by: Cyrus Askin MD CME questions by: Cyrus Askin MD Produced by: Cyrus Askin MD and Matthew Watto MD Hosts: Cyrus Askin MD, Matthew Watto MD, Stuart Brigham MD, Paul Williams MD Guest: Scott Matherly MD Time Stamps 00:00 Announcements 00:45 Disclaimer 01:19 Intro to the show and our guest 04:15 Guest one liner, books recommendations, and career advice 09:04 Cyrus’ pick of the week 10:14 Clinical case of abnormal liver functions tests 11:12 Seven hand findings of cirrhosis 13:28 Should we screen for NASH? 15:28 Incidental finding of cirrhosis on imaging 17:47 Next steps after diagnosis of cirrhosis 20:36 Non-invasive scoring systems to predict cirrhosis 23:55 Liver biopsy 25:33 Shear wave elastography 29:10 Recap of what we learned so far 31:58 Three ways cirrhosis can kill you 33:56 Counseling patients about cirrhosis 36:05 Management of NASH and early  cirrhosis 42:55 Screening for varices and hepatocellular carcinoma 46:28 Outro Tags: cirrhosis, liver, function, shear, wave, elastography, fibroscan, imaging, fatty, liver, disease, nash, nafld, steatohepatitis, hepatitis, hep c, hcv, screening, varices, hepatocellular, carcinoma, pathophysiology, lifestyle, management, assistant, care, doctor, education, family, FOAM, FOAMim, FOAMed, health, hospitalist, hospital, internal, internist, meded, medical, medicine, nurse, practitioner, professional, primary, physician, resident, student

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