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Trump: Pelosi doesn't understand trade bill; 2020 Dems fight to get Ocasio-Cortez endorsement; US files new charges against WikiLeaks' Assange; WH touts $16b taxpayer bailout for farmers hurt by trade war & falsely claims China will pay for it

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Trump insults Pelosi: "she's a mess, let's face it"; 2020 candidates grapple with whether to talk impeachment; Buttigieg: Trump faked a disability to avoid Vietnam service; Dem Sens demand answers on Brazilians who got farming aid; Trump on Iran threat: I don't think we'll need to send more troops to the Middle East; Some military generals warns Trump against pardoning war crimes; Four-star admiral recalls days leading special forces; Trump admin facing questions after sixth migrant child dies in U.S. custody via Knit

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