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Dow nosedives on U.S.-China trade worries; Mueller memos expected this week involving 3 Trump players; GOP Senators demand harsher punishment for Saudi Prince; Roger Stone to plead 5th in Senate investigation

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Mueller memo expected this week involving 3 Trump players; Today: Mueller to reveal details of Michael Flynn's cooperation; Mueller filing expected to lay out extent of Flynn's cooperation; Trump praises Stone's "guts" & slams Cohen for cooperating; Trump tweets raise questions about witness tampering; Sen. Graham on Saudi Crown Prince's involvement: "there's not a smoking gun, there's a smoking saw"; Attorney general in DC, MD to subpoena Trump hotel records; Wisconsin and Michigan Republicans try to shrink authority of incoming Democrats; Incoming Wisconsin Gov: This is about stripping power; WI Democrats refuse to accept election results; NC election board investigating, won't certify house race; NC Republican party: Dems are trying to steal race; NC officials investigating absentee ballot tampering; Eric Trump: George Conway showed "utter disrespect" via Knit

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