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Trump makes remarks on Ambassador Haley, Ivanka, Kanye; Rep. Sanford: timing of Haley's resignation "smells funny"; Hurricane Michael takes aim at Florida Panhandle; Kavanaugh hears first cases as a Supreme Court Justice

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Trump makes new remarks at White House on Haley's departure; Trump: "Ivanka would be dynamite" at U.N., but Trump mentions concerns of nepotism; Trump: Sen. Graham "really stepped up" in last few weeks; Trump: "we have many names" who could replace Haley; Rep. Sanford on Ivanka as U.N. Ambassador "are you kidding me"; Hurricane Michael expected to hit Florida tomorrow as Cat 3; Florida candidates adjust campaign plans as hurricane nears; DeSantis ad attacks Gillum on leadership during past storm; FL candidates race to sway undecided voters before midterms; Anti-Kavanaugh protesters rally outside Supreme Court; Dems have; 54% of likely voters support Dems, 41% GOP in new poll; CNN poll: Dems hold 30 point advantage with women voters; GOP, Dems look to capitalize on Kavanaugh confirmation via Knit

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