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#28 Fueling a Clean Transportation Future: Special Guest: Jeremy Martin, Senior Scientist and Fuels Lead for the Clean Vehicles Program, Union of Concerned Scientists

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As great strides are made in developing vehicles that have fewer emissions and are more energy efficient, it’s important to also ensure that the processes to extract energy sources is equally clean.   The motor fuels that power today’s vehicles are as clean and as uniform as they ever have been. But, that’s not the case once you go further “upstream.” Today’s global oil supply chain is undergoing rapid a transformation, as inexpensive and easily accessed oil reservoirs are drying up, forcing major industry players to locate, extract, and refine ever-riskier, costlier and dirtier sources of oil. The new report, “Fueling a Clean Transportation Future,” looks at the issues facing the oil industry and what we can do to ensure what oil we do use doesn’t get dirtier.

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