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Dr. Angie Kraus, Boulder Holistic Vet: “We really need to do a better job of understanding what our cats need.”

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Dr. Angie Kraus, a holistic house-call veterinarian in Boulder, CO, has known since the age of 3 that she wanted to be a vet. She was trained conventionally, but after graduation, she began to explore other, less traditional modalities of treatment, leading her to holistic veterinary medicine. For Dr. Kraus, being a holistic vet means doing anything that works for her patients. In this interview, she tells Stacy, “Not only do I use all modalities that I think can be helpful, I look at my patient as a whole.” As a result of being a house-call vet, Dr. Kraus sees a lot of cats, since cats often tend to be particularly challenging to transport to traditional veterinary appointments. Dr. Kraus and her technician approach their patients slowly and gently, allowing the cat to evaluate them first before they try to proceed with an exam or treatment. Dr. Kraus feels that cats are underserved and that both owners and veterinarians can do better for cats in terms of proper feeding and stimulation, as well as developing close emotional connections. “Cats really have all the same potential as part of our families as dogs do,” Dr. Kraus tells Stacy. Stacy & Dr. Kraus also have an in-depth discussion in this episode about the use of CBD in cats, including issues with which it tends to be particularly helpful. Dr. Kraus offers some tips on what’s important to look for in a CBD supplement for your cat, and Stacy talks about the success she’s had with CBD with one of her own cats. To learn more about Dr. Kraus, including some of the products she discusses in this episode, you can visit the Boulder Holistic Vet website.

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