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EPISODE501 - EMC2 AIM Program of Energetic Balancing: EPISODE501 - EMC2 AIM Program of Energetic Balancing

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All discussions of energetic imbalances reference certain frequencies an imbalance may be similar to. A frequency is NOT the actual disease; Newly revealed Hereditary imbalances added to the AIM database; Hereditary energetic imbalances in consciousness are what EMC2 believes to be the predispositions or potentials for eventual negative physical manifestation, unless healed by you. Stephen believes everything is dormant initially, and then follows its path or goal to becomes less dormant; Self-healing and removing imbalances with the help of AIM allows you to interrupt that process and get rid of those potentials while they're still dormant; Stephen walked us through some of the processes he uses with his QED in both looking for previously unknown imbalances and attempting to determine if any unknown frequencies still remain hidden; This evaluation process is very detailed - it's not like asking for a print out of what's going on energetically in someone.

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