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EPISODE480 - EMC2 AIM Program of Energetic Balancing: EPISODE480 - EMC2 AIM Program of Energetic Balancing

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All discussions of energetic imbalances reference certain frequencies an imbalance may be similar to. A frequency is NOT the actual disease; Newly revealed Hereditary imbalances added to the AIM database; Will this be the year when self-healing isn't just for "tree-huggers"? Impossible to know precisely what, if any, frequency you are detoxing because the same imbalance can have a different impact in different people. And you might feel something when balancing energies are first added to AIM, or not until the frequency is just about gone in you, or not feel any thing at all; While Stephen is highly observant of what's happening in the world, he believes the most important focus is on healing all hereditary weaknesses, so that whatever you acquire is easily overcome. Overcoming imbalances fundamentally makes you stronger.

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