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'There's Always a Silver Lining' | Guest Host: Mike Broomhead | 12/28/19

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Hour 1
Mike Broomhead in for Glenn and Stu... Illegal immigrant shoots and kills a California policeman... Take a moment and think about what a police officer may go through on a daily basis... Advocating for illegal immigrants is a slap in the face to the legal immigrants... The progression goes like this- Illegal Alien = Illegal Immigrant = Undocumented Migrant = Migrant... The incoming Freshmen of the House of Representitives are not there to play... Make no mistake, these politicians will be shaping the outcome of the 2020 elections...
Hour 2 
Michael Cohen, a cellphone & the Russians... The investigation has been 'dirty' from the beginning... Hispanic voters and their continued support of the POTUS... The roller coaster ride of the economy... Consumer confidence is still very high despite the ride... Why the media continues to sell 'chaos'... Mixing the good with the bad... 
Hour 3
Discussion on the boarder & protection of the boarders... We change our protection tactics due to terrorists changing theirs... We have a long history of giving people refuge... "Hey media, you have a responsibility to report all sides of the story"... MSNBC is shockedby how many Hispanic voters support Trump... Joe Scarborough voices his concern about the government and asks, "what would Jesus do?"... The progressive caucus and the leadership of Nancy Pelosi... 

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