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Teen Mom Found Shot Dead in Crashed Car. Cops Hypnotize Girl to Find Her Attacker. Man Keeps Fighting Cops After He's Shot.

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Police are still attempting to identify a suspect in the death of Kayla Huerta, a 17-year-old mom found shot to death early Monday morning. Police were responding to what they thought was a traffic accident when they found Huerta in a crashed car with multiple gunshot wounds. Family members now say Huerta's 3-year-old daughter refused to change her clothes because her mother put them on her. The victim's grandmother says, "she sees everybody struggling and she's like 'what's going on?' but we can't tell her, she's too small." Brittani Marcell was left with brain damage after being attacked with a shovel in 2008. After being unable to remember who her attacker was, Marcell went under hypnosis in 2014 and began to remember details of the incident. During the treatment, she remembered the name Justin Hansen, a contact she had on her phone. Hansen, now a father, was arrested and faces 18 years behind bars, but still denies his involvement. Police bodycam video shows the moment an East Cleveland man is shot in the stomach by police and stands up immediately to fight back. After police were called regarding reports of a man beating up a woman, they encountered Ramir Bell, who approached the police, throwing a t-shirt at the vehicle and running towards them. When an officer shot and hit Bell, he quickly picked himself up off the ground and continued running towards the officers. Bell has now been arrested on charges of assault and kidnapping and is awaiting formal charges. via Knit

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