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Charlie Tan - 277

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Charlie Tan. February 9th, 2015. Pittsford, New York. Jean Tan calls 911 to report that her husband is dead. From the call Jean had placed it sounded as though her husband was shot very recently and that her son had killed him. When law enforcement arrived it quickly became apparent that Jim Tan, who they found under a desk, had been dead for some time. There had been more than a dozen calls to report domestic abuse from the Tan home between 2003 and 2015. Jim Tan had abused and threatened his wife many times but was never arrested despite evidence of his crimes. Within a day, authorities felt they had enough to charge Jim's son Charlie with his murder. Between the final 911 call and Charlie stating that 'he had to do it' this seemed to be an open and shut case. Charlie must have rushed home on February 5th and used a newly purchased shotgun to end his father's life and put an end to years of abuse. Charlie Tan had a solid reputation and tremendous support from his team, his peers and his family. But at the end of the trial this case would take a surprising turn and controversy would ensue. 

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