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Episode 149: We've Been Given the Finger (Live at the Tech Law Institute): On data, live from the Tech Law Institute's conference in Atlanta.

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We returned this week to the annual Tech Law Institute meeting in Atlanta. We talk about data, law, and society: Joe and Christian's fight over data on the way to the conference, a new Supreme Court case involving cloud data and international boundaries, and the decisions that technology will force us to make. (Thanks to Jacob Davis for helping us provide written materials for the conference!)
This show’s links:
SCOTUSblog page on United States v. Microsoft ( (including links to the petitions for cert and the Second Circuit's panel opinion)
Paul Schwartz, Legal Access to Cloud Information: Data Shards, Data Localization, and Data Trusts (
The National Security Law Podcast 41: Han Shot First ( (featuring discussion of the United States v. Microsoft)
Jennifer Daskal, There's No Good Decision in the Next Big Data Privacy Case (
SCOTUSblog page on Carpenter v. United States (
Oral Argument 42: Shotgun Aphasia ( (guest Orin Kerr) (discussing Orin Kerr, An Equilibrium-Adjustment Theory of the Fourth Amendment (

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