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Episode 48: Legal Truth: On ascertaining guilt and innocence, with Lisa Kern Griffin.

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With evidence and criminal procedure scholar Lisa Kern Griffin, we discuss the role of narrative, storytelling, and probability in assessing guilt and innocence. Also, feedback on coffee, citation, librarians, and argument.

This show’s links:

Lisa Kern Griffin’s faculty profile and writing
Sonja West, First Amendment Neighbors, citing Joe Miller, Christian Turner, and Sonja West, Oral Argument 1: Send Joe to Prison at 46:53, available at
Bunny’s coffee-roasting links: the Nesco Professional 800-watt Roaster, Green Coffee Buying Club, and information from Sweet Maria’s; Listener Zachary’s links: the Fresh Roast Plus 8 and White Mountain Coffee
AP, Police Urge Google to Turn Fff ‘Stalking’ Feature on Mobile App for Drivers and Waze
Video of Mike Tyson’s ten fastest knockouts
Video of Lindsey Graham asking AG-nominee Loretta Lynch about the legal connection between gay marriage and polygamy
Oral Argument 40: The Split Has Occurred, discussing Judge Sutton’s gay marriage opinion
Oral Argument 44: Serial
Oral Argument 45: Sacrifice
Lisa Kern Griffin, Narrative, Truth, and Trial
About the murder of Julie Jensen
Jensen v. Schwochert (granting Jensen’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus on Confrontation Clause grounds); see also the denial of the state’s motion to alter the habeas judgment (note that this case is before the Seventh Circuit, which has had argument but not yet ruled)
Christian Turner, Bet Your Life Before You Impose Death
Old Chief v. United States
Mark Spottswood, Emotional Fact-finding
Special Guest: Lisa Kern Griffin.

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