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Inspecting the Troops: Why the Russians invited our correspondent to see their military in action in Syria

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Insight, storytelling, colour, detail. In this edition, the Russians in Syria show off their fighter jets and warships, a message from Moscow that Russia once again sees itself as a major player on the world stage. A million incomers to Germany in a year -- can they give the economy a useful bounce as well as defuse a demographic timebomb? The old men of the Vietnamese communist party leadership have their say at the big five-yearly meeting in Hanoi, but is their tightly-controlled socialist state beginning to unravel and is there anything they can do to stop it? We visit the world's largest refugee camp in the Kenyan desert. It has a population the size of New Orleans'. Many were born there and will never leave it. Some wonder if similarly huge camps will soon spring up on the fringes of Europe. Pensioners have been among the hardest hit by the Greek government's tough austerity measures. Their income's been cut a dozen times as the government tries to hit economic targets set by the EU and the IMF. It's left some on the island of Crete foraging in the mountains for food to eat

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