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Paris is Burning, Ebola in Sweden and more on Prepper Intelligence: Paris is Burning, Ebola in Sweden and more on Prepper Intelligence

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Prepper Intelligence show rundown for 07/01/2019

Ebola in Sweden

Has Ebola spread to Europe? Patient in Sweden is feared to have been struck down with the killer virus after vomiting blood following a trip to Africa

Police Brexit Drills

UK Police to Kick Off Drills Tackling Unrest in Case of No-Deal Brexit

Germany Crowd Targetted

Several people injured after man drives car into crowd in Germany

New Years Rampage

Police raid suburban home as it emerges 'terrorist knifeman shouted ISIS slogan as he stabbed three in New Year rampage' at Manchester station before hero cops tackled him

Palestinian Superbug

Medics say antibiotics shortage stops them following protocols to fight drug-resistant bacteria

Paris Is Burning

Eiffel Tower is shrouded by smoke as Paris burns into the night: Iconic landmark shines through choking black pall after Yellow Vest protesters set cars ablaze for the seventh weekend as they call on Macron to go

It's like 1984

Amid Venezuela’s collapse, Nicolás Maduro has locked up those accused of criticizing his regime – often without due process

Gabon Coup

Gabon government says 'situation under control' after apparent coup attempt

Uk Violence

Multiple daylight stabbings - is situational awareness training the answer ?

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