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Peace or Troops on Prepper Intelligence: Peace or Troops on Prepper Intelligence

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Prepper Intelligence show rundown - 05/11/2018

Typhus Outbreak

Typhus cases hit 100 in Los Angeles as feral cats and rats spread disease among the homeless

RAF Typhoon Scramble

RAF Typhoon jets scrambled to intercept Russian planes in UK airspace

15,000 Troops

Trump Warns 15,000 Troops Could Be Sent to Southern Border to Block Caravan

London Sony HQ

Brutal knife fight' at London Sony HQ: Two injured and suspect arrested

Fragile peace

Fragile peace? N. Korea threatens to produce nukes again if US sanctions remain

Military Draft

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish community came out to protest in August 2018 following the arrest of a yeshiva student who tried to evade mandatory military service.

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