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71: The Chest Position Enforcement Bureau: Week two of NCAA season - boogers and backspins

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The survey, the survey! Please take our Listener Survey HERE!

In the news, Uncle Tim, Evan Heiter, and Jessica chat about:

Kelly Garrison, as commentator and beam innovator.
NCAA gymnastics revenue quiz, Uncle Time shocked us.
Joanna Sampson, will she be a force on floor and the all-around this year?
The Chelsea Davis bar score controversy(?)ish.
Should some floor music be off-limits forever?
Another maple goddess, from the Great White North, Maddie Gardiner of OSU.
LSU's Llominica Hall newest quintessential, Americana choreography.
Our love for "giantess", 5' 9'' gymnast, Sara Townsend of Iowa State.
Oregon State brings us Kaytianna McMillan's double backspin on floor!

We discuss the latest stories from around the gymternet:

What's with these weird videos the FIG has been putting up? (see playlist below)
The new handstand pirouette world record
The girl who is continuing gymnastics after losing a leg to leukemia.
Some of favorite responses from the listener survey so far!
How much Uncle Tim sucks at Fantasy Gymnastics. Hahahahh!


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