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#49 - Yoga Farts, Crazy Sweat, and Weight Concerns with Bernie Salazar: How to disentangle the inner critic from the inner caregiver voice

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I've been helping my friend, former chronic dieter, and former "winner" of The Biggest Loser Bernie Salazar practice Body Kindness for nearly two years. (It's a process, folks!) Bernie has been stepping on the scale again and asking his doctor about his weight. He's looking for some advice from me. We spend a big chunk of this episode getting to the core of his concerns. He wants to have more energy for his daughter and he doesn't put the time into his self-care he wants to or he thinks he "should". We disentangle the "inner critic voice" from the "caregiver voice" so Bernie can stay focused on his well-being and not his body shape. Tune in to hear how I help him reframe his experiences into actionable, compassionate choices in line with his values. Then toward the end, you'll hear us both "go off" on a couple people who have been shaming folks on social media. I called it bullying and abuse. Should I have gotten that mad? Yep. And you just might get mad at it too. Get in touch with us: --- You can subscribe to Body Kindness on iTunes and Stitcher. Enjoy the show? Please rate it on iTunes! - Are you ready for Body Kindness? Get started today with my free e-course and on-demand digital training. Learn more - The New York Times Book Review calls Body Kindness 'simple and true'. Publisher's Weekly says it's 'a rousing guide to better health.' Watch my videos about why we need Body Kindness on YouTube. --- Enjoy the show? Please subscribe and rate it. Have a show idea or guest recommendation (even yourself!) E-mail to get in touch. Join us on the Body Kindness Podcast Facebook group where you can continue the episode conversations with the hosts, guests, and fellow listeners. See you there! Nothing in this podcast is meant to provide medical diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Individuals should consult a qualified healthcare provider for medical advice and answers to personal health questions.  

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