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26-Make Your Marriage a Priority with Covenant Spice: Hear how important it is to prioritize your marriage even above your children relationships because it's going to support your entire family.

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Hi there! Belah here. Today I have Part II of my interview with founder of Covenant Spice. She talks about how she and her husband has made their marriage a priority, right after God and even before their children. Listen as she shares about the importance of resolving problems when they are still at the beginning stages, growing connection with your husband, and knowing each other’s limits. She tells us a refreshing story about just having fun with your hubby and how her business has served as their ministry that reaches out to others who struggle with the same intimacy issues.   All the links, resources, and show notes available at:   Or go directly to Covenant Spice to spice up your intimacy!   Sign up for my free, live online training: “How To Love Him MOST”

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