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#1 Intro to the show and pip 9 is out!

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Welcome to Python Bytes. Python headlines delivered directly to your earbuds. In this first episode we cover PyData videos, safety-db project, and more!

News items

PyData DC 2016 videos are out

64 videos (30 hours)
Some standout videos
ElasticSearch and Redis How and When to Use Them
Renee Teate | Becoming a Data Scientist Advice From My Podcast Guests (becoming a data scientist podcast)
Visual diagnostics for more informed machine learning
You got your engineering in my Data Science: Addressing the reproducibility crisis


A python module to make handling command line arguments easy
There are many ways to create a command line parser in python: argparse, docopt, click. These are all great options, but require quite a lot of configuration and sometimes you just need a function to be called. Enter easyargs. Define the function that you want to be called, decorate it and let easyargs work out the command line.

safety-db via github

A curated database of insecure Python packages
What is this? This is an effort to collect all known security vulnerabilities in Python packages and make them available to consume for humans and automated tools.
What is this not? This is not a hall of shame, or a list of packages to avoid. The package maintainers show a great responsibility by documenting and fixing security issues in such a way that they can be listed here. That's extremely valuable when considering using a package in production.


Since A-Ha's take on me video, I've loved the idea of short video done in stylized art format.
Uses Tenserflow, which I've never used before. No practical use I can think of, but would be fun.

pip 9.0 is out!

New: Add a pip check command to check installed packages dependencies
pip show is less verbose by default.
Add --not-required option to pip list, which lists packages that are not dependencies of other packages.
Many more, including fixes
9.0.1 (4 days later with 5 fixes)

What does Reddit think about the new MBP?

I'd never even heard of sentiment analysis before. This is cool that it's topical, interesting, and short.

Our personal news


Episode 24 Test and Code Podcast: Raphael Pierzina (cookie cutter, pytest 3.0, pytest sprint, …) will be out the week of Nov 7.
Some upcoming interviews I'm really excited about.
Video from PNSQC 2016 conference now up.
Pietist book still in progress. When there is more info to know, I will share with this podcast, as well as people who follow me through the slack community, patreon supporters, email subscribers.
And I'm going do my best to get $5 off for everyone who has purchased the current eBook and left me their email.


New Talk Python To Me podcast episodes

Are we failing to fund Python's core infrastructure?
Parsing horrible things with Python - Erik Rose
Python at StackOverflow - Martijn Pieters

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