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#179 Python Language Summit 2018

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The Python Language Summit is a yearly gathering of around 40 or 50 developers from CPython, other Python implementations, and related projects. It is held on the first day of PyCon. Many of the decisions driving Python forward are made at this summit. On this episode you'll meet Mariatta Wijaya, Łukasz Langa and Brett Cannon, three well-known core devs to walk us through the major topics of this year's summit.

Links from the show

Mariatta Wijaya: @mariatta
Łukasz Langa: @llanga
Brett Cannon: @brettsky

The 2018 Python Language Summit at LWN.NET:
Subinterpreter support for Python:
Modifying the Python object model:
A Gilectomy update:
Using GitHub Issues for Python:
Shortening the Python release schedule:
Unplugging old batteries:
Linux distributions and Python 2:
Python static typing update:
Python virtual environments:
PEP 572 and decision-making in Python:
Getting along in the Python community:
Mentoring and diversity for Python:

Mariatta's blog on the event
Part 1:
Part 2:

Core mentorship office hours:
Python core mentorship mailing list:

Talk Python Training

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