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The Hanged Man of Tarot, Meditation: What is restricting you on your spiritual path? Remember, we change our circumstances by changing our minds and awareness. Let's learn more from the hanged man

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Reiki Radio: The Hanged Man of Tarot - What is restricting you on your spiritual path? We are only free of old bondages when we awaken to who and what we are, supporting the transformation of our own minds and begin to surrender to Truth. It's not always easy, especially when we are concerned with the judgments and beliefs of others. Are you afraid of being judged for your beliefs? When confronted with the need to be accepted or when you need the strength to trust yourself, remember your grace! There is peace within your own knowing and understanding. But how do we get there? Suspension of the mind - meditation - going within for understanding and fulfillment. There's a bit more to this, so let's explore the hanged man to go deeper with the wisdom of this card. After the show, go to to access your free gifts and the link to join us in the Seeker's Circle! Journey in LOVE!

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