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PTRN~Reclaiming Your Sacred Path Episode 28/Dancing With the Energy: Jon talks with Dr. Dennis Dossett about how we can consciously take charge of our lives.

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Please join Jon Anastasio on Reclaiming Your Sacred Path on the first and third (and sometimes fifth) Thursdays of the month at 8:00 PM Central time for a discussion of growth and the human Spirit. Jon and his guests share their stories and a process for strengthening your connection with who you really are: A spiritual being who has entered into a physical experience for your soul’s evolution and growth.  Jon is an author, educator, and healing practitioner who shares a process for choosing your own Spiritual direction, getting guidance and information directly from Spirit, focusing and directing energy, and building resilience through soul-level healing.

This episode, Jon talks with Dr. Dennis Dossett about his work in helping people change the energies of our lives - physical, mental, emotional and etheric - through past life regression, EFT, pranic healing, Matrix Reimprinting, and more.  Dennis will discuss upcoming book - Dancing with the Energy, in which he shares his guidance for living consciously every day.

To join the conversation, please email Jon ahead of time at or call in during the show on 347-308-8222. For more information on Jon or his book, Reclaiming Your Sacred Path, please visit

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