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PTRN~Raise The Horns Radio( Scarlet Magdalene)/Pammit's Porch (Wild Hunt): Raise the Horns Radio is Paganism in all of her glory

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It's Horns and Humpday here on Wednesday.  Jason Mankey's "Raise the Horns Radio" is Paganism in all of her glory. It's history, practice, ritual, and more. Followed each week by Pop Culture Pagan Trends, Music, Books, etc.   "Pammit's Porch" with Pamela Kelly.Join Pamela and guests as we talk about music, books, festivals, conventions, tattoos, mead... 
Tonight 7pm    Jason invites Scarlet Magdalene, who writes the blog Tea Addicted Witch.

8pm Pammit pours the tea and kicks back on the porch with Heather Greene of the Wild Hunt


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