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Deep Learning for Live-Cell Imaging with David Van Valen - TWiML Talk #141: In today’s show, I sit down with David Van Valen,…

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In today’s show, I sit down with David Van Valen, assistant professor of Bioengineering & Biology at Caltech. David joined me after his talk at the Figure Eight TrainAI conference to chat about his research using image recognition and segmentation techniques in biological settings. In particular, we discuss his use of deep learning to automate the analysis of individual cells in live-cell imaging experiments. We had a really interesting discussion around the various practicalities he’s learned about training deep neural networks for image analysis, and he shares some great insights into which of the techniques from the deep learning research have worked for him and which haven’t. If you’re a fan of our Nerd Alert shows, you’ll really like this one. Enjoy! The notes for this show can be found at For more information on this series, visit

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