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Shamans and Dreams: Part Two: Dreams, no matter their source, are messages.

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Spirits produce dreams, but not necessarily all dreams. This is important because it means that there are potentially multiple spirits producing dreams, not just a single human soul. Spirits producing dreams can be: personal souls; helping spirits; or non-helping spirits, such as the dead stuck in the land of the living, upset elementals, or angry spirits of the place. And it’s these non-helping spirits that we need to be concerned with. Dreams, no matter their source, are messages. They are gateways to a field of non-localized, non-ordinary information/experience and we need to be sure who is tending that gate. Dreams can be tests, seductions, and distractions that lead us away from our truth in subtle ways never see coming just as certainly as they are guides, warnings, and teachings that can keep us on the path of our true calling. To keep our dreams clear and free of pollution we must be impeccable in our life, live free of fear-based thoughts and motivations, and align with the love light of true awareness. Join host and shaman, Christina Pratt, as she explores how shamans interpret dream messages, dream states, and the true source of our dreams.

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