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The Triskelion: New Earth Chronicles, #2

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Royals like Dora d'Arc manage the human herd; they don't fall in love with rebels like Caellum Nichols that face execution for challenging imperial reign.

"A romance set in the heart of a complex, political dystopian drama, this is a beautiful game of chess which author Victoria Lehrer plays out in her new society. I love how the storyline and genre elements are totally different to The Augur's View, but the overall tone and strict new world feels just the same... The Triskelion is an accomplished science fiction novel of high literary quality, expanding a fantastically developed new world whilst also providing a new kind of plot for us to follow within it." ~ Readers' Favorite Book Reviews, K.C. Finn (5 STARS)

When Dora d'Arc moves to Transtopia to be close to the incarcerated Caellum, she doesn't expect to be under the thumb of Imperial Governor Charles Scholtz, and certainly doesn't want to marry his son, Rolf. But she does harbor the absurd hope that she can save Caellum's life.

The Imperial Governor wrestles with worries about dangers that lurk in the Zone of Destruction, demands from his off-world reptilian handler, approaching famine, and the urgency to inject the restless population with docility-inducing nanites.

Dora holds a secret meeting with citizens and weds Rolf Scholtz. Meanwhile, Caellum escapes prison, a van loaded with vials of nanites appears at a local school to inject the children, and a stranger approaches from the ZD.

Through it all, Dora seeks counsel from Adair, descendent of ancient Druids and designer of the curious etched glass symbol, the Triskelion.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a compelling speculative tale to bring the past full circle into the future, in this second book in the "New Earth Chronicles" series. [DRM-Free]

"The tight plotting, clear prose, engaging storytelling and Victoria Lehrer's creation of characters as well as world-building are impeccable. The Triskelion is as impressive as its predecessor, where the strength of the characterization deftly moves the well-paced plot with a potent blend of sci-fi, suspense, intrigue, and drama... The Triskelion is a gripping read and a solid continuation for the 'New Earth Chronicles.'" ~ Readers' Favorite Book Reviews, Lit Amri (5 STARS)

"Although I did not read the first novel in the series, I had no issue with becoming invested and interested in the characters. The story itself is very captivating; the highs and lows of the plot had me riveted and wanting more... I loved the story, the characters, and even the villains. There was nothing I would wish for the author to change in the story. It is perfect the way it is!" ~ Readers' Favorite Book Reviews, Rabia Tanveer (5 STARS)

Books by Victoria Lehrer:

"The Augur's View" (New Earth Chronicles – Book 1) "The Triskelion" (New Earth Chronicles – Book 2) "On Gossamer Wings" (New Earth Chronicles – Book 3) [Coming 2020]

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