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Radio Free Skaro #635 – The Sense-Snore-Ites: The second half of our commentary for the 1964 Doctor Who story "The Sensorites".

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Progress, in rumour form at any rate, as a tentative and maybe kinda sorta true list of directors for Series 11 makes its way onto the internet, along with scuttlebutt of a BBC, Channel 4 and ITV streaming service in the works. Not to leave Canada out fo the mix, “Genesis of the Daleks” tickets finally go on sale so those of us will finally be able to view 1970s PAL video on the big screen, as it was truly meant to be seen. And speaking of viewing things in a right and proper manner, we have the second half of our gripping and not at all ponderous commentary on “The Sensorites”! Grab your stimulant of choice and enjoy! Links: – Gallifrey One hotel block – Series 11 Director list… but maybe not final? – UK Broadcasters devising joint streaming service – Genesis of the Daleks Canadian screening tickets now on sale – Thirteenth Doctor books – Knock Knock script up for auction – Doctor Who Infinity teases “The Orphans of the Polyoptera” – Babelcolour First Doctor colourization teaser – Sylvester McCoy and Robert Picardo at the Edinburgh Fringe Commentary: – The Sensorites, Episodes 4-6

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