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Radio Free Skaro #637 - Strong Work: The works of director James Strong are reviewed in the Miniscope.

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Director James Strong faces the eagle eye of the Miniscope this week, with a look at classics like “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”, not-so classics (but not his fault!) like “Daleks in Manhattan” and “Evolution of the Daleks”, and romps big and small like “Voyage of the Damned”, “Partners in Crime”, and “Planet of the Dead”. Plus news of “Genesis of the Daleks” cinema screenings (well, one) at the BFI, Twitch streaming Classic Who, Bell Media cancelling Innerspace like a bunch of jerks, and more! Links: – UK Genesis of the Daleks cinema screening with guest Philip Hinchcliffe – SOLD OUT! – 500+ Doctor Who episodes to stream on twitch – Radiophonic Workshop Albert Hall performance live streamed – Hiotchhiker’s on vinyl, for the first time – Innerspace canceled Miniscope: – James Strong – The Impossible Planet – The Satan Pit – Daleks in Manhattan – Evolution of the Daleks – Voyage of the Damned – Partners in Crime – Planet of the Dead

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