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Radio Free Skaro #600 – Subterraneans: Review of "Thin Ice" with guest Rachael Stott

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600 episodes of Radio Free Skaro! Will the madness ever cease? Not this episode, as we delve into “Thin Ice” with virtuoso Doctor Who comics artist and Twitter bon vivant Rachael Stott for her take on monsters under the Thames, racist punching, and the continued excellence of one Bill Potts! Plus news about the original K-9 and Company theme, P-Cap at New York Comic Con and RTD retconning Harriet Jones! Flydale North lives again! Links:   – Peter Capaldi spotlight at NYCC – Original K-9 and Company theme demo unearthed – Russell T Davies reveals Harriet Jones didn’t die after all – Doctor Who Fluxx card game due Nov 23 – Seventh Doctor’s hat and Necros Dalek miniature go up for auction Sep 26 Second Chances: – Rachael Stott – Thin Ice

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