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Feeding His Lambs

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This first workbook, in this series, is specifically written for the newly-born Christian. Links are provided to external resources and to various Bible translations from Blue Letter Bible - "... a free, searchable online program ..." - since many may not own nor have access to a Bible. I generally quote from the New American Standard Bible and will indicate otherwise when I use another translation. The external links provide supplemental information, background, and concepts to support healthy Christian growth. I have incorporated several of my dad's - Rev. C. G. Gose, Th.D., D.Div. - sermons, lectures, journals, and articles throughout this entire collection. This workbook and the online course could support various Christian ministries, outreach programs, evangelists, New Membership curriculum.

What you'll learn...
Guidance on Why You suffer defeat and anguish.
Foundational "Instructions on Salvation" (i.e., the Soteriology Theology).
Foundational "Instructions about Christ" (i.e., Christology Theology).
Foundational "Instructions about Humanity" (i.e., Christian Anthropology).
Knowledge about your transition from "man" into a New Creature.
Guidance about your New Role in the present and future.
Knowledge about your New Abilities & Responsibilities.
Guidance about how to achieve an Abundant Life!

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