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Friends With Benefits: The Casual Dating Bible

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Fellas, do you reallllly know what it means to be friends with benefits (FWB) with the opposite sex?

If you ever cried yourself to sleep after an FWB partner stops contacting you, you don’t.

If you ever lied to an FWB partner, you don’t. If you ever stalked her social media pages, you CERTAINLY don’t!

FWB has been thrown around like champagne in a championship team’s locker room, yet most fellas have no idea what it truly means.

Outside of a 4-year committed relationship, I’ve been in dozens of FWB unions since 2006. I have had pleasurable FWB situations and chaotic ones. Some lasted a few years while others lasted longer than a virgin’s first stroke of pussy. So, I have the credentials and experience to speak on this subject.

In Friends With Benefits: The Casual Dating Bible, you will learn the following things:

•What FWB truly is
•The rules & regulations of being FWB
•How to spot women online who are open to being FWB
•How to see things from a female's perspective to have a fun, non-drama FWB relationship
•Signs that she’s not FWB ready
•Signs that you’re not FWB ready
•Body language signals to determine if she’s interested.... or not
•How to set the mood when alone with her (Unfortunately, a lot of guys still don’t know how to do this!)
•Signs that your FWB partner is crazy
•How to reprogram your mind to get women more “sex-ready”
•How to bypass the small talk & get straight to the sex
•How to be a Real Man (This is the integral lesson of this book)
•And so much more......

You can do whatever the hell you want to do with your $9.99. But just know that if you don't have the proper mindset for this FWB game, you will be susceptible to:

•Baby mama drama (AKA having a child with the wrong woman)
•Messing with a crazy woman (You gotta love a female who puts eggs in the gas tank because you didn't text her back ASAP)
•Settling for women below your standards
•Dating women who are using you
•Paying for pleasure

Most of those problems cost way more than the price of this book! I personally know guys who have experienced these things because they didn't know or respect the FWB game.

So if you desire to take your casual dating lifestyle to heavenly heights -- minus the drama -- then I am ready to teach ya'!

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