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Grad Night with Her Best Friend's Daddy

15 pages12 minutes


Brandy's dad is such a dirt bag that he's not even around to take her to her graduation. It's a good thing that Richard, her best friend's daddy, is there for her. He's everything she wishes her own father was.

Except that Richard has his own secret. He wants Brandy. Wants her bad. But he's too good of a man to act on his desires.

Until grad night, that is. Until he finds her alone and she asks him to stay with her and he can't help but kiss her full and lovely lips...

Warning: this steamy story contains explicit and hot sex between an older man and a younger woman and is intended for readers 18+ only!

Author's Note: All characters depicted in intimate acts are 18 years of age or older, of no relation, and are fully consenting.

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