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Rome WithGusto: A foodie guide

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Where to eat in Rome?
You will have heard many things about Rome, and that’s ok: a bit of confusion is compulsory when in Rome, it’s part of the non-written rules of this city. London is the capital of Italy, where the neighborhoods are called “rioni” and they are just like small and lively villages where you meet in bars, markets and emporiums.
Here and only here you can find la Magica (the Roman football team), the Pantheon, l’Olimpico (the stadium) and Grattachecca. But also gricia, cacio e pepe, and maritozzi. Don’t limit yourself to sophisticated places, but you should definitely try the incredible cuisines of some chefs who mix different influences: Mazzo, Retrobottega, Santo Palato and many others.
This guide is a trip among many places where you can good food: some are shelters, other are springboards, other are small finds. Choose. Have a look at the map, and think of who you are, what you like and where you are going.

Only in this city: Roman fast food
In each WithGusto guide you will find a selection of addresses that you can find only in a certain city: they are addresses that reflect a culinary specialization, or a gastronomic vocation that reflects tastes and culture of that particular place.
Here in Rome we have selected the best addresses for baccalà, the allesso, and supplì. We have reported the pioneers of the artisan breweries and the addresses unmissable for a correct "Roman gourmet education".

One day trips
Crossing Rome is a journey, leaving Rome is a discovery: we imagined these guides also for the Romans who want to know the surroundings of this incredible city. And then we bring you to Frascati to eat ice cream, and amatriciana in cornucopia in Grottaferrata.

Dishes not to be missed, events, interviews
If you are in a hurry or you have just a weekend to visit a city, in each guide we give you the dishes you can't miss and where to eat them: here we have selected the cacio e pepe, the puntarelle, the supplì, the amatriciana, the Gricia, the artichoke alla giudia, the coda alla vaccinara, the vignarola , the white pizza, the sour cherry cake and the Maritozzo.
We selected the most valid gastronomic events and we had a chat with a local and an expat, to explore the city from the point of view of someone was born there and someone who chose to live there.
We spoke with a Roman gastronomian, Francesca Romana Castellani, and a German sommelier, Hande Leimer.

An interactive gastronomic map
In our Rome WithGusto guide you will find an online map to consult while on the road: each icon features a type of address, from breakfast to cocktails, to allow you to choose your favorite destination depending on where you are.

What is WithGusto?
Travel With Gusto is a reference point for food travelers: it was created for people who are looking for nice experiences, and do not wish to be disappointed by the food eaten during their trip.
We publish guides and gastronomic tips written by the best Italian and international food writers.
We give practical advice for people who are hungry for good things at all times and want to enjoy every moment of their trip.
We explore cities looking for what makes us happiest: good food, above everything!
Learn more about us here and on Instagram as @travelwithgusto.

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