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Rain, Again!: Seattle Rain, #2

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Come meet three generations of the Price family women.

Grandma Rose at eighty-four feels the difficulty of coping with the increasing frailty of her aging body while memories of times gone by keep popping up in her mind with clarity as if they happened yesterday.

Rolanda Price at thirty-eight is a successful business owner, a realtor well known in the Seattle area. Being unmarried and independent suits her. Her busy doctor boyfriend doesn't interfere with her hectic lifestyle. When temptation comes unexpectedly, why change?

Rolanda's older sister, Heather has her life turned upside down when she discovers her husband Bart is cheating and when her smart twenty-year-old daughter Emily drops another surprise on her.

Emily, the youngest of the Price women, is an ambitious college student. Partying is fun, but her goal is to be a physician scientist and become a leading researcher in the field of genetics. Her career plans get derailed, but she relies on her family to help.

In difficult times, the Price women stick together and hope to make the right decisions for all involved.

Seattle Rain series:

Book 1 - A Walk In The Rain

Book 2 – Rain, Again!

Book 3 – After The Rain

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