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What Friends Do: Between Worlds, #4

171 pages2 hours


2 teens | 2 continents | 2 centuries | 1 family

Juliana and Rachel have struggled to keep their friendship alive at long distance, but then they suffer the hardest blow yet: Rachel's mom is killed by a drunk driver. Juliana isn't allowed to fly home, and phone calls aren't enough to console her best friend. Moreover, dozens of friends on social media are offering to help Rachel, exactly what Juliana yearns to do. Juliana wonders whether their friendship can survive this tragedy.

The war has left Georg Schuhmacher, Elisabeth's cousin, with nightmares and hallucinations, and no one wants to help him end the torment. Even worse, Mammi forbids Elisabeth from spending any time with him. Stefan, a recently returned prisoner of war and Georg's sole friend, asks her to still try. But when customers threaten to stop taking their shoes to Mammi, and Mammi reveals why she despises Georg so much, Elisabeth can't decide whether to obey her mother or try to help a former soldier whose mind is succumbing to the memories of that horrific war.

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