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Scarlet Bells

150 pages2 hours


Find Sean Tanner. Or die.

Rosemary Sayer never expected that the phone call she took from her brother would be the last. Or that she would be looking into his eyes before a sniper finished him off. With his final words ringing in her ears, Rosemary is forced to turn to Tanner, pain in the ass former Navy SEAL. Her only other choice is death.

When Rosemary shows Tanner a sketch of a familiar silhouette, he can’t turn her away. Even though he has no interest in Rosemary or her still developing second sight. He’s aware of Crucible and the phantom murderer named Leshad—and he’d rather walk through a minefield than deal with what lies ahead.

As a deranged killer pursues them deeper into the swamp, their attraction burns, and they face a nightmarish reality that pushes Rosemary and Tanner to the edge of everything they thought they knew.

Each book in The Shadow Sisters Series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed in any order.
Book #1: Black Rose
Book #2: Blood Orchid
Book #3: Scarlet Bells
Book #4: Dark Lily

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