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Price of Discovery

310 pages4 hours


Erin Price is determined to find a big, juicy story to prove she’s a worthy journalist, and a sexy stranger living in an eerie Victorian house in the middle of nowhere seems like just the break she needs. But a competing journalist and a deeply secretive family force Erin to break every rule to uncover the truth. However, the reality may be more than she can handle.

The last thing Drakor wants is to be on Earth. After all, it’s where his best friend disappeared. But when his family accepts a critical mission to a find a cure for a bone-crippling disease, Drakor is forced to return to the planet he loathes. As his birthday looms, he’s losing the time he needs to find his lifemate, and a nosy reporter threatening to expose them and his deep attraction for her might just prove to be his breaking point.

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