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Hold On to Me

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Caitlin Falconetti, her job is her life. It’s how she’s been able to get over the near-fatal attack that cost her everything, including the man she loved. At the time, she thought it was better to let him think she didn’t want him anymore rather than reveal the painful secret she was certain would destroy them anyway.

Sheriff’s investigator Lamar “Tick” Calvert has been assigned to sort out the corruption in the sheriff’s department in his hometown. This means he’s going working with the one woman he considers the one who got away.

When a case throws them together, it’s clear the attraction is still there, but Caitlin’s still holding on to a secret. Tick’s determined to figure out what went wrong between them, and he also has a killer to catch—a killer who seems to have picked Caitlin as his next target.

Each book in the Hearts of the South series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed in any order.
Books in the series:
Book #1: Truth and Consequences
Book #2: His Ordinary Life
Book #3: Hold On to Me
Book #4: Anything But Mine
Book #5: Memories of Us
Book #6; Hearts Awakened
Book #7: Fall Into Me
Book #8: Facing It
Book #9: Uncovered
Book #10: Gone From Me
Book #11: All I Need

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